Thursday, June 27, 2013

Well here it is 29 days post op from going bi-lateral. Overall I love hearing in stereo or surround sound as some of us call it. I can tell a huge difference in watching TV. Went to a restaurant but at the time we went, it wasnt too crowded so not sure I can tell if thats a better quality or not. At times, I feel like I am hearing more and at a louder decibel. Not complaining, just noting the differences. IM still supposed to wear only my new processor but I still have a hard time doing so although I am doing it more than I had in the previous weeks. As for my incision, it looks really good. The steri strips came off yesterday (shhhh but I had some help pulling them off although they are SUPPOSED to come off by their ownself HA!) I have to get new glasses and I was waiting for everything to heal before doing so and now is the time! In addition to receiving my new processor, I also got the brand spankin' new Ronda put out by Med El. Like everything these days I see some pros and cons to this new device and I feel I can now weigh the pros and cons and pass on my findings. For those in my CI support group, many want to know what I think. I posted pic of the 2 so you can see what Im talking about.
1  When wearing the disposable batteries the unit attaches by a magnet and nothing is behind the ear. Great if you have long hair but I dont so I dont have anything to attach the unit to with its safety clip
1) I dont see how active men with short hair or no hair could wear this unit.
2) When wearing the Rondo with the rechargeable battery, you have a wire that attaches to a small battery pack that you have to wear in your pocket or clip on your belt. For me, I would clip it inside my shirt to bra to hide the pack, I sweat so that doesnt work. I cant carry it or attach it my pocketbook. I could run the wire under my shirt and attach to waistband but I dont want to. In my opinion I would think that the battery makers can come up with a rechargeable that we could place in the unit itself. (ANYONE working at those places listening??) Ill post a picture of what they call the Mini Battery Pack so you can see what Im talking about.
Keep in mind this is not a scientific opinion. Only an opinion of a domestic goddess who is trying her darnest to find the best way possible to enter the world of the hearing. As I said before, I see pros and cons and definitely a difference between an older adult as myself and a small child. While Im talking about new discoveries, I have discovered Ear Gear. You wear it on your hearing devices to protect them from dust, sand, wind and sweat. Ive ordered mine but have not received them as of yet. Im headed to the beach in a few days and hope they come so I can again give you my opinion of this new gear. I for one am excited! Hope your summer is going well. Mine is....Karen

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